Wednesday, 4 November 2015

TOMB3 Month 2 Hub

Hi Guys, welcome to the hub for month 2. We've had some great blogs start up for month 1, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what people get up to in November. Also, we've got a great announcement to do with the end of TOMB, so watch this space.

TOMB month 2 blogs:

What is TOMB3?

TOMB stands for Tale Of Malifaux Bloggers. Its a collaborative blog to document collecting, painting and gaming in the Malifaux hobby. Check out the full details and rules for joining in here.
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TOMB3 Month 1 finale

Well that was quick.

Month 1 is now over, and I managed to get the full $60 painted. This is just a placeholder blog though, as tomorrow I'm going to play some more games with the first lot. I'll let you know how it goes, and get some photos to make this blog post better.

See you then.

And... we're back!

Last week saw an evening of all out Malifaux hosted by Lee Walstow. Myself and 2 other locals headed to Casa De Lee with 20 points of models ready for a henchman hardcore tournament. While most of these in the UK are run at 20 mins per game, we don't play as much as some others so we decided to go for the official 30 min games. I decided to take exactly the same as last time. Kang, Dawn Serpent and 2 Rail Workers. Kang was really good last time, and while not every enemy model would be a construct like last time, I was hoping he would hold his own.

First game was against Nick. While I have never played Nick before, I have admired his guild models in passing. I was looking forward to testing myself against him, and his crew would also include some firsts to play against. He brought The Judge, Santiago Ortega, Papa Loco and an Austringer. All of these models have their uses, although I was surprised not to see Francisco in there. It was a tough match up, with a few things forgotten on both sides that evened out in the end. I'm very concerned by just how much damage output the guild has at its disposal. Having hard to kill on everything was really handy, and I think looking into some healing for future guild matchups would be a good way to go.

I can't remember how the first game finished, but I believe it was a draw. My second game ended up against Lee, who after last time had decided not to run his TOMB crew. This decision was helped of course by the fact that he couldn't actually field 20pts viably, as he was no longer including the brutal effigy in his first month's purchase. Instead he used some other neverborn, mostly painted by me. Except he also took Nekhima.

 What a horrible list. I lost, due to some opportune pushes that meant my lovely rail crew didn't get to stay in the middle. I had also concentrated on killing Nekhima, when I should have fed her something to hold her up and tried to get some assassinate points from Candy. Still, the crew was very resilient, and I learned a lot about how to play the healing/damage prevention game with Kang. If I needed to play this crew in future, I might think about trying to scrape together an extra stone to put into recalled training on Kang. That thing that gives him riposte looks pretty tasty too. Just a little something extra that would allow him to reliably kill a model in 1 activation.

With a loss and a draw, and only one opponent left, it was back to the other table to face Stan and his Ressers:
Stan is an avid collector, both of models, and painters. Every crew he owns is immaculately painted, and this, along with his good natured manner make him a great opponent to sit opposite. I was extra excited this time, as his crew was entirely Undead, meaning Kang would be in his element. Not entirely in his element of course, as a lot of ressers have hard to wound anyway, but at least it would even the odds, and make cheating more likely. Once again, I was playing a lot of models I'd never faced before, so it was an interesting experience. However, a combination of Kang's aura, good cards and Stan overextending his punk zombie meant I was able to wipe out his crew by the end of turn 3. Unfortunately, good fortune in a game doesn't make it the best for learning. I'm not sure I could say what I would do differently from what I did.

At the end of the evening, a quick addition put Lee as the champion, having won 2 and drawn 1. We discussed at length the buildup of his crew, and around the jibes, decided that it was probably one of the nastiest setups a Neverborn player could bring. How would I improve my crew to compete? No idea. I don't know enough about Ten Thunders yet. I know what I'd do in Arcanists of course, but that's not what I'm up to at the moment. For now, its Thunders or bust, and I still have a lot to learn.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

TOMB3 First game and painting update.

This week saw my first game with a new crew. I played against Lee, who is also having a go a TOMB. You can check out his blog here.

Now I have the PERFECTLY REASONABLE personal rule of only playing with painted models, something which Lee doesn't share. Anyway, it essentially meant that we had to play a henchman led game, as I hadn't finished painting my whole crew yet, and I always leave the master until last. I had however managed to paint Kang, the dawn serpent and two rail crew. Check out this slightly blurry photo below:

These guys are mostly finished, although some of them need a bit of cleaning up (Specifically the guy with the pickaxe. Like I said before, I never really use more than two of minions that don't need summoning, so all that still needs finishing is Mei Feng herself, and the Emberling. I'll do a more in depth post on painting when I have the whole crew done.

The game:
We decided to play a henchman led game. Lee is playing with Collodi, and the starter box has a whole 12 of its SS in totems, so he was down to just 12 points he could take with Vasilisa. To help out he took a brutal effigy, which he could buy with his first months allowance (he's waiting to see if he can fit it in painting wise). This still only gave him 16 points, so taking a few upgrades and a healthy cache of 6 brought him to 20pts. This meant I would be taking all that I had painted, with no room to bulk up the cache or add any upgrades. A little bit concerning, but I knew Lee wasn't looking forward to facing Kang as all of his models are constructs, and Kang is particularly good against them.

We flipped for Turf war, which was nice and simple, but Lee cleverly took Fears Given Form. Going to have to deal with Vasilisa early or I'd be taking some constant damage. The Schemes we flipped were a good mix of marker schemes and killy ones. Lee quickly guessed I would be choosing murder protégé, an easy one for me as all of his models cost 4 stones, all I'd need to do is kill one 4pt model for 3vp. He also managed to guess I had put bodyguard on the dawn serpent. 6 inch movement and a heal action is handy wit this, although the slight risk is that with Murder Prot in the pool too, if I lost it I could be down a full 6vp right there. However, Lee declared both of his schemes to do with markers, so that particular nightmare was avoided.

The game itself was pretty simple. I was surprised by just how fast it could actually move, and the Df6 owned by most of the crew was a bit nasty too. I ended up keeping my crew together quite a bit, easier to do once I'd taken out Vasilisa and her nasty aura upgrade. I really appreciated all the + flips I could get with this crew too. My hands for this game were mostly mediocre, so it was an easy choice to use the rail crew's 0 action to get more +'s on top of Kang's aura. Most of the cards I actually cheated with was making sure I passed the fears given form tests.

The situation after I had moved all my models, but before Vasilisa sprinted up the board.
The game ended with me having 9pts to Lee's 4. Lee lost most of his models (only had 1 wicked doll left on turn 5), but by choosing marker schemes and getting an early game Strat point he managed to net more than he thought he would. Considering how good Kang is against constructs and how his crew was essentially easy mode for mine, I think that's a pretty good result for him.
So what did I learn about my crew? Kang is awesome. He's scary in combat, and against particular enemies he just makes the whole crew mean. He will be returning to the table. I was also pleasantly surprised by the rail crew. Throwing a low tome in for what is essentially armour 3 is awesome. Their damage track and the ability to get +ves on both attack and damage is also pretty great. The dawn serpent did very little this game. I guess I need to try him out again.
All in all, a good game, with a good mate that may have been pretty one sided. Now I need to think about what might be a good spend for Month 2...

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Zac's TOMB intro post.

Welcome to the first of my TOMB logs.

This time around I've decided to do something different to what I normally play. I'm a big Arcanist fan, and most of my crews are from there. I have all of the book 1 crews, but Mei Feng has been sitting in her box for a while as I got on with finishing commissions. Now that they're done, I've decided to get her out for TOMB, and just to make sure I'm really stretching myself, I'll be playing her as Ten Thunders!

This being month 1, I have $60 to spend in the Wyrd online store. Of course, the obvious starting point is to go with the Mei Feng box. With 27 points of models (and more of upgrades) for just $40, this is a great place to start, although my personal tastes mean I will only use 22 of them: I never take more than two of any minion model usually (summons excepted), so one of the Rail Crew will be headed to my trade/bits bin while I work out what to do with him.

This leaves me with a massive $20 still to spend, so looking through my Box Of Stuff I Have Had For Ages (official title), I managed to find a dawn serpent. This guy is a great buy. 10pt minion that has a shooting attack (lacking in Mei Feng) that hands out burning (that gives buffs to the lady herself) for $15 gives me 32 points of synergistic models (easily enough for a 40ss game) and $5 to carry over to next months kitty. What's even better is that this guy, while being a Ten Thunders model, is a beast, meaning that when I decide to dig out my Arcanists again I can still use it in my Marcus crew.

So far I've done little else other than glue the models together and fill in the gaps. I'm still undecided on basing scheme, but I definitely want to go for something that's a bit different to what I already use. If anyone has any great ideas for Ten Thunders basing, please let me know: Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks for reading, and if you haven't joined up for TOMB3, why not?


Monday, 5 October 2015

TOMB 3 Month 1 Hub

Hi guys, welcome to the Hub for month 1 of TOMB3.
The hub is a link to all of the blogs that are posted during month 1, so if you're joining in, send a link to me on twitter (@zacgoldenhall), comment on this blog post, or on the forum thread, and I can put it all in one place.

Month 1 Blog Posts:

Maria Wieland - Collodi crew, based on a dark carnival box.

Owen Conlan - Colette

Zac Evans - Ten Thunders Mei Feng

@Colemanstryker - Viktorias

Crikeymiles - Dark Carnival Colette (slightly different, UK nationals deadline)

Ttsgosadow - Marcus

Lee Walstow - Collodi

Mike Tremarche - Lucius

What is TOMB?

TOMB stands for Tale Of Malifaux Bloggers. Its a collaborative blog to document collecting, painting and gaming in the Malifaux hobby. Check out the full details and rules for joining in here.
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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

TOMB 3 Rules and Signup!

Hi guys.

You may have heard by now (although maybe not) that TOMB is coming back! That's right, you get another chance to be the world of Internet Malifaux's Internet Paul Sawyer! Just look at all of the exclamation marks I'm using! Excited yet?!

If you've never heard of TOMB before, then let me explain. For the past couple of years, some Internet Malifaux types have got together and built new crews, just like that White Dwarf series from ages ago where four guys built armies. Basically there are a few rules you need to follow, but its a great motivational tool for getting a crew finished, and a great resource for showing people new to the game (or a particular crew/faction) how they can start a collection for just a small spend.

So, without further ado, here are the rules (guidelines) for TOMB 3:

Start a new (bar maybe a couple of games) master. At the end of each month write a blog with an update to painting and gaming-hopefully giving helpful feedback on the master you've chosen.

In the first month you can use up to $60 to start you off. Each following month you get up to $25. This money you can use to buy models, or you can use it as "virtual money". Virtual money can be used to "buy" models you already own (lets face it, most of us could stock a store already) for use in that months TOMB, or in vassal if that's how you play your game. What you "buy" each month you need to paint up (please vassal players, don't follow this step), and include pictures in your blog post. If you spend under the amount of that month, the left over can be pushed over to join the next month (or you can buy a coffee).

Blogging. If you have a blog you can blog there, or if you email me your blog I can post it here. Use the tag #TOMB3 to make sure people get to see. If you tweet, then Tweet links to new blog posts to @zacgoldenhall , or post them in the forum thread for that month (link to follow)

Start Date: Mon 5th Oct each  new month will start on the first Monday of that month)

Model costs: A model or box set costs the amount (for purpose of tomb) as listed on wyrd's main store even if you get it cheaper, use a proxy or already own it. This puts everyone on a level playing field, and allows vassal players to join in too (once again, except for the painting. I'm not gonna have people trying to spray undercoat a monitor).

You'll be left to fund this yourself: We are not sending out monthly handouts (sorry, but if we had that much money, we wouldn't send it to random Internet People to spend on toy soldiers). We won't check up on your maths each month, but why play the game if you don't follow the rules, right?

This TOMB will run for 6 months, with 5 updates expected. You can do more, but this allows for that dead-zone around Christmas where suddenly wives become all unreasonable about plastic being left on dining tables and the like.

Finally, and most exciting of all, TOMB 3 will include a Tournament at the end! Date TBC, but any TOMB bloggers that complete all 5 blogs, get a golden ticket to a FREE tournament in April! FREE! More details to come, but we're really excited about this addition. (Tournament will be held in the UK. International bloggers are welcome, but travel costs to/from may be a bit excessive).

Well that's a lot to let sink in, so why don't we leave it there for now. You can sign up for TOMB 3 by commenting here, tweeting @zacgoldenhall or posting in the TOMB signup thread in the forums

Have fun!